Why hang art on your wall if you can turn your whole wall into a work of art?



Studio WallNut Amsterdam is specialized in custom-made wall designs that can turn any interior into a unique space.


Studio Wallnut Amsterdam was founded in 2014 by artist Sanja Medic. Sanja Medic is a multi-disciplinary artist with skills in photography, interior design and site-specific public art. The idea for WallNut developed out of Medic’s desire to combine these skills while creating images that relate directly to a specific space. Taking the context of the space as a starting point, what Medic constructs are exclusive enlarged photo collages with architectural depth in them.


“I would consider myself a cross between a painter (that is how I look at the world) and an interior designer/architect (that is how I handle the world). This dual approach means that I am, during the creative process, continuously fascinated and playing with the difference in how we perceive 3-D depth and how we perceive the 2-D surface. It is not only about looking at the work, but more about the possibility of entering the image and becoming part of the work.”


The unique designs of Studio WallNut Amsterdam introduce a new reality into an existing space; historic, exotic or abstract. They become a part of the interior and take an active role within the space. The space depicted in the image is continuously influencing and emphasizing the interieur that surrounds it, resulting in a harmonious-dynamic relationship.


“To me, each space contains a promise. Walls are not walls but windows. They open up. And layer after layer, they reveal new spaces. New dimensions. New stories. Let WallNut create these for you.”



-Sanja Medic










My clients:


Corio / Foundation for Art in the Station Area (Call of The Mall- Everything Must Go)

ProRail / Bureau Spoorbouwmeester (De Reiziger)

Architekten Cie / Rijksgebouwdienst (Free Fall)

TAAK (SKOR) / CBKU / Provincie Utrecht (Vrille)

Jan van Eyck Akademie (Van Eyck Mirror)

Vidomes / Villanova Architecten / Wise Guys (Entree A t/m E)

Art-Partner / ZLTO / Architekten Cie (Cumulus)

stadsdeel Zuideramstel Amsterdam (Het Uitzicht)

stichting Optrek / Hotel Transvaal (Paleiskamer)

De Alliantie / HVDN Architecten (De Boekenkast)

Studio-i! (Byobu)

Coffee Room (The Ultimate Relief & The Rules of The Game)





Hoog Catharijne Utrecht
Trein station Breukelen
Parliament Building The Hague (Central Information Point entrance)
Soesterberg (former military aviation base, bunker 77)
Jan van Eyck Akademie Maastricht
De Prinsenhof Leidschendam (5 entrances in Prins J.W.Frisolaan 21-571)
ZLTO Den Bosch
Stadsdeel kantoor Zuideramstel Amsterdam
Hotel Transvaal The Hague
Studio-i! Amsterdam
Coffee Room Amsterdam
Le Boudoir Amsterdam (Bad&breakfast)





1995-1996 Academy of Fine Arts Utrecht
1996-1999 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague

1999-2001 Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen (MA)
2002-2004 Rijksakademie, Amsterdam