Most of us spend a big part of our lives surrounded by four walls.
But while we are all different, our walls often look the same.


Why not add some character to your flat entrance?
Give a new impulse to your dull office?
Make your restroom more than merely functional?
Grant your living room a grand view?


These are the three possibilities I offer, taking your wishes and wallet into consideration.



Made exclusively for your space.
And for you.

It starts with your wish. Where we end is a surprise.
In between is where the magic happens.
Your vision and my imagination mingle and 1+1 becomes 3.

I have no recipe.

I search, I collect, I copy, I cut, I paste, I combine, I repeat, I erase.
Until the story reveals itself.

A story that reflects your dreams while giving a new dimension to your space.

The costs depend on the m2 of the walls and the complexity of the design and process.



Designs in limited edition: 1/7

The design of your choice is rescaled and adjusted so it fits in your space in the most natural way.

The price is a combination of design costs – fixed – and production costs. The last ones are variable, depending on m2 and chosen material.


Click here for a view of the happy few



My most popular designs printed on a wallpaper roll.

The costs are fixed (per roll).


Click here for an overview of on a roll