van Eyck’s Mirror

Van Eyck’s Mirror

foyer of The Jan van Eyck Academie, Academieplein 1, Maastricht


1.jve-wand1 ovezicht.jpeg











6.jve-wand2 overzicht



The work brings up the playful dimension of this particular space. 

The architecture of the newly renovated foyer is used as a ‘model’ for making the design:

the space of the foyer of the Jan van Eyck Akademie is scaled down to a foamboard maquette; the maquette is photographed from both the front and the back; subsequently these 2 opposite views are merged into one layer. The resulting image is blown up into a photo so as to fully cover the three walls in the foyer.

The work is inspired by Foucault’s interpretation of Jan van Eyck’s painting “Arnolfini’s Wedding”, where the mirror-image is trying to escape out of the canvas. 



DIMENSIONS: 513x387cm (wall 1), 697x387cm (wall 2), 404x387cm (wall 3)

MATERIALS: airtex (print on vinyl)



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