Entrée D

Entrée d

apartment building, J.W.Frisolaan 21-571, Leidschendam


Entrée D is one in a series of wall designs created for the five entrances of an apartment block.
The aim: to evoke in the residents a new appreciation for their surroundings and the neighborhood at large.
For each entrance I constructed a separate small-scale model, consisting of colored balloons and photographs taken within the block. The color of the balloon matches the color of the already existing post-boxes. The photos are registrations of five different household objects, in my mind essential to make a place a home.
In the case of Entrée D the object is a mirror and the balloon is bright blue.
Enlarged photographs of these playful models welcome us as we enter the building.



DIMENSIONS: 4.85×5.07m (wall 1), 11.89×5.07m (wall 2)

MATERIALS: airtex (print on vinyl)



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